Building Homes, Building Relationships

About James Engle Custom Homes

Integrity can be translated in many different ways. One could say that it stands for a concept of consistent actions, values and outcomes. Another could say that integrity derives from an inner sense of wholeness, created from qualities such as honesty and cohesion of character. No matter the definition, James Engle Custom Homes and Integrity stand as one.

Jim Engle founded James Engle Custom Homes in 2000 while exploring his passion for real estate. The relationships built over the years, along with the determination to create, implement and continually improve processes is what fueled the company's growth. The relationships developed, brought out feedback that sparked ideas to break further away from traditional building industry processes and techniques.

Jim backs the business with a Bachelor's Degree, as well as an MBA. As the company grows, Jim continues to remain an active component towards the success of James Engle Custom Homes.

Every member of the JECH team tackles the mission statement "Building Homes... Building Relationships" with enthusiasm, working in harmony with buyers, realtors, developers, vendors, trades and fellow JECH team members to emulate the dream our homeowners aim for. Success for us isn't about the number of homes we build, instead it occurs when the relationship built results in a radiant smile as homeowners move into their finished James Engle Custom Home.

The home building process with James Engle Custom Homes is efficient and ever evolving to meet the demands of the constantly changing building environment. We challenge ourselves daily to ensure our processes best serve our customers, trades and employees. If there is a better way, each employee is empowered to implement new processes. From the beginning stages of gathering information to final design and moving into your home, we are here to ensure your contentment every step of the way. JECH offers standard features that are above and beyond the industry standard. Walking through one of our homes, being fully aware of the final sales price and knowing the precise construction process are just a few invaluable measures that give our homeowners peace of mind prior to making a firm decision. From the early days of the company, through today, we stress the importance and value of each relationship with everyone involved in the process.

The personalities at James Engle Custom Homes can shine through words. To learn more about each of our team members, "Meet Our Staff"!

Meet Our Staff

Jim Engle

Owner 816-616-9788

Shortly after achieving his Master's Degree in Finance, Jim gained his first experience in the industry through the development side of real estate. It was there, which fueled Jim's desire to tap into his creative nature and educational background to establish James Engle Custom Homes in 2000. His ability to offer innovative home designs with a strong focus for quality construction, lead Jim to be one of the most trusted and well respected builders in the Kansas City market today. In his personal time, Jim enjoys training with his children in Okanawan Kenpo Karate and Jujitsu or lifting weights and conquering yoga. Also a passionate fisherman, Jim loves a little rest and relaxation at the lake.

Ben Tarwater

President 816-876-5076

Ben's depth of knowledge in the building industry was gained by working with top professionals, holding positions in each department of construction and, most importantly, putting in the hours, studying the business, processes and science of new home construction. But lucky for James Engle Custom Homes, this native Kansas Citian chose to settle down with his family here. Always competitive in nature, our leader was also successful outside of work. Back in 1994, he gained the title of Mountain Bike State Champion in MO. You may also see his competitiveness on the golf course from time to time, or at a local running race. When he is not perfecting his passion of turning raw dirt into someone's dream home, Ben may be found soaking up the rays with his friends and family on the beach.

Kim Brune

Vice President 913-927-4551

Kim has spread her knowledge in the real estate industry for over ten years. Her expertise and compassion are shown through every encounter. What she enjoys most about the home building trade, is the final aftereffect of not only building a customers’ dream house, but creating that house into a home. Kim’s free time is spent with friends and family either on her boat at the lake -basking in the sun, or testing her strident vocal cords at a rowdy sports game.

Jason Renner

Vice President of Operations 913-278-6519

Being in the home building industry for over 13 years, Jason has extensive insight into all aspects and phases of the build process. Hidden in this orderly, city guy facade, lies a true wilderness dweller. A mountaineer at heart, he prefers the rough terrain and essence of nature. Jason is an immense family man, therefore he deeply acknowledges the true meaning of Thanksgiving; his favorite holiday. This day brings joy, quality time with family and friends, and great food! Most of all, it is a constant reminder to be thankful for what you have - not only once a year, but every single day.

Sarah Baird

Architect 913-206-0770

Sarah brings 20 + years of residential architecture experience to JECH. She grew up in Wichita, tagging along with her mom, a realtor, walking through homes. After graduating from KSU, she moved to Overland Park, married her husband Ron, and has 2 amazing daughters. When she's not designing or customizing plans for our homeowners, you might find her playing the piano for church youth services, or catching a game of volleyball. Escaping to the mountains is her idea of rest and relaxation.

Kevin Schneider

Director of Construction 913-207-6191

Without throwing out a specific age, Kevin includes 30 years of industry expertise. Kevin failed to share with us his favorite-all-time-funniest prank, due to the amount of blackmail we would have on him, if such a story were printed. We assume this is where his current phrase was initiated: ‘Wisdom comes from humility.’ If you can’t find Kevin, head out to his weekend lake house; there he will be: BBQ in hand, swaying to the smooth tunes of John Cougar Mellencamp.

Brett Lloyd

Construction Manager 913-944-8405

‘Work hard, play hard’... We have many employees that might fit this saying, but none quite like Brett. Brett has dedicated over 23 years to the construction industry. Being a professional of the trade, his expertise comes highly recommended and appreciated by all. Brett was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California prior to moving to the Midwest. Spending his free time floating around the lake on his pontoon certifies for Brett an ideal, yet tame Sunday afternoon. Free falling 13,000 feet out of a perfectly good airplane? That’s a better afternoon!

Brian Standley

Construction Manager 913-999-7309

Brian's love for building is evident in his daily devotion to deliver a home that surpasses our homeowner's expectations. Several years of experience in the industry has equipped Brian with the expert knowledge to accomplish this task. As one of our adorned members of the James Engle team, it is no surprise this isn't the first successful team he has had a huge part in. Back in his senior year of high school, Brian help lead the Carrollton Trojan football team to the State playoffs; a goal not achieved in over 30 years. We are certainly thankful this small town hero chooses to be a hero on our team today.

Chad Gregoire

Construction Manager 913-713-3459

Chad, also known as ‘Gregwa’, brings sixteen years of experience to the James Engle family. Being a big time hockey fan, you can hear him cheering for the Detroit Red Wings and the Missouri Mavericks during the season. In fact, he loves to share his knowledge of why most hockey players don’t drink tea: first of all they don’t have many teeth, second his favorite teams have all the cups! Chad stated that his favorite holiday is Christmas because he loves the mentality people have of giving and caring that time of year. He really wishes this mindset would last year round. Therefore, if you see Chad out and about, just remember: lunch is on him.

Dave Parks

Construction Manager 913-563-2434

Band aids, fruit snacks and laughter fill Dave's Sunday afternoons with busy grandchildren. Born and raised in the Kansas City metro, Dave brings thirty four years of experience to James Engle Custom Homes. He does enjoy spending the majority of his time with his children and family, however if it were up to him, they would all be unwinding together at the beach or an appealing cabin on the lake.

Gregg Rizzotto

Construction Manager 913-633-1329

You could call Gregg a ‘seasoned’ Construction Manager… not because of his age, but because he has survived 28 years in the homebuilding industry. When he’s not on the clock, he is relaxing in his lounger watching football or NASCAR. Being such a gentle soul on the JECH team, if Gregg could, he would teach the world of all things: to be kind.

Steve Jaso

Construction Manager 913-944-6999

Steve prides himself with the generosity of sharing his ‘sweet dance moves’. Here and there, he can be a walking definition of the word Ornery. Steve is a lover of sports, especially when it involves cheering for his children on the soccer and softball fields. He grew up watching KU basketball and like most, appreciates the proud winning traditions. One holiday that holds strong for Steve, is Independence Day – the 4thof July. Nothing can beat bringing friends & family together for laughs and explosives!!

Brandon Minton

Construction Manager 913-636-7700

Brandon has construction in his DNA! He grew up in the construction industry where his father built custom homes. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in many different construction fields including bridge and commercial (apartment buildings) construction as well as residential home building. Brandon played college football and now coaches his son in football and baseball. He also travels the nation to watch his daughter dance. He enjoys family activities like hiking in the Rockies, snow skiing and relaxing at a beach or lake. His special hobby (when he can find the time!) is to build furniture in his wood shop and to teach his son the craft.

John Fatino

Construction Manager Assistant 913-220-0464

John has been in the construction industry for 28 years. He enjoys watching his son's baseball games and as time allows, John prefers his spare time spent at the lake with his family "doing a lot of relaxing and a little bit of work".

Duff Barchers

Construction Manager Assistant 913-263-4636

Raised in Richmond, MO, Duff brings more than 2 decades of construction experience to the JECH Team. The son of a career construction man with over 5 decades of construction experience, Duff's work ethic has been passed from father to son. Married for 13 years, Duff and his wife enjoy watching the Boys in Blue and playing UNO while relaxing at home.

Bill Patrick

Construction Manager Assistant 913-278-5157

Bill brings many years of construction experience to JECH. Not only has he worked for several builders, but he also owned his own contracting company. He is musically inclined and played base drum in marching bands through high school and at UCM in Warrensburg. He continues to write and play original music. Bill likes the outdoors and hunts, fishes and searches for treasure with his metal detector. His two sons help him to stay young and active.

Marilyn Silvers

Warranty Manager 913-999-7546

Humble and compassionate are two adjectives that describe Marilyn spot-on. She continually aims to better herself; the testimonials from our homeowners ring true. With her years of extensive knowledge in the building industry and genuine passion to help others, it comes to no surprise that our clients love Marilyn. Her customer service skills were inherited at an early age as a small town native of Wellsville, KS. Marilyn understands the importance of family. During her free time, s he can be found enjoying the ​ lake with her VIPs. But, if you are looking to thank her for her hard work, she is currently accepting free vacations to Costa Rica!

Peyt Carpenter

Warranty Manager 913-238-6636

Peyt has been in the new home industry for more than a decade and in 2016 was recognized for his wholehearted dedication with an outstanding customer service award. Faith, family, and friends are Peyt's big three. In his spare time he enjoys wood working, hiking, and long weekends at the lake.

Rich Danuser

Warranty Manager 913-633-6358

Rich brings 17 years of experience in the remodeling/construction industry and a knack for problem solving with him to JECH. When not working to resolve warranty issues with our home buyers, Rich enjoys outdoor activities. From fly fishing, tying flies, and hunting waterfowl, he enjoys learning new outdoor skills and then sharing them with his children. He also supports his children’s sporting events and can be seen near baseball fields, wrestling mats and volleyball courts. Rich truly enjoys every day of his life and follows the motto “if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong!”

Erin Cooper

Process Director 913-709-7711

For those of you who don’t already know Erin, the phrase "Talk to me, Goose", resonates well with her bubbly personality. Over the past eleven years, Erin has built an extensive resume based on her meticulous and diligent work ethic. However, her number one job is being a loving mother to three beautiful little girls whom share her charisma. An ideal afternoon for Erin and her family would consist of taking her three 'fishies' swimming on a warm sunny day, while indulging in their favorite cuisine: pizza (it's a food group, right?)!

Lindsay Beckman

Selections Specialist (913)205-3220

When Lindsay and her husband built a home with James Engle Custom Homes several years ago, it sparked an interest in the home building industry in Lindsay. She is excited to now be actively involved in the industry working for JECH. She assists buyers in the selection process with the goal of making the whole experience go as smoothly as possible! When not assisting buyers, Lindsay spends her time following her three active children, doing DIY projects around her house and spending time with friends and family. Even with all this activity, she still finds time to run and train for her next race.

Lynn Parrish

Document Coordinator 913-908-6604

What is a document coordinator, you ask? Well, in this case, he's a person with extremely over qualified skills, looking for some creative past time! We are really lucky to have this very talented individual on our team. With over 3 decades of detailed oriented work experience for the Government, Lynn is now enjoying his retirement with our organizational duties. However, this over- achieving family man does allow himself time to enjoy the beach now and then with his loved ones. If he chooses to indulge himself in a little personal time, a good book may catch his attention. That is until football season, where you then catch Lynn cheering on the Chiefs.

Gayle Staudenmaier

Controller 913-522-5854

Gayle has benefited the home building industry with her proficiency for over ten years. She has lived in the Kansas City metro area her entire life - with the exception of earning her accounting degree in the treasured land of KU Basketball, Lawrence, KS. The only thing that might take her time away from her beloved team, would be a tranquilizing, calming home on the beach.

Cyndy Hurd

Accounting Manager 913-226-6665

Cyndy came to the Kansas City metro area from Western Kansas in 1986. She began working for JECH in 2011 and has proven to be a loyal and dedicated member of the JECH family. Cyndy’s top priorities in life are faith and family. When she can, Cyndy likes to keep busy spending time at Pomme de Terre Lake.

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